Fourplay by Pants Down Circus

Gluttony – Excess Theatre
16 March

They appear onstage wearing white painters’ overalls but these don’t stay on for long. The trumpets sound out the traditional circus theme Entrance of the Gadiators and the pants literally come down. Say “hello” to a new breed of circus performer, refreshingly irreverent and not afraid to be a little bit naughty.

This is a fitfully energetic very funny show: the creation of four young Australian performers. Each brings a bagful of varied circus tricks, delivering their unique re-imagining of circus favourites with humour, playfulness and some cheeky innuendo (to be expected, considering the title). You’ll see pole climbing, tumbling, balancing, juggling, hula hoops and trapeze but not how you’ve seen it before. These guys and girls keep it fresh: the thrill they must get when nailing a trick for the first time still lingers like electricity in the air.

The quartet is focused on ensuring the audience has fun, but are impressive technical professionals too. The level of trust required for the adrenaline-rush finale and the gorgeously conceived female static trapeze number is immense. The girls really shined in the latter, their fluid and graceful delivery belying the difficulty of the choreography.

You may leave this show regretting that you never asked mum and dad for circus lessons for Christmas, but you won’t regret spending an hour of your precious (and rapidly diminishing) Fringe time with this crew. Check them out at the “big top” (Gluttony – Excess Theatre) while you still can.